Chill Casting - Quality Assurance
a vital ingredient in each casting

Quality is a vital ingredient in each PIAD chill casting. PIAD operates a thorough regimented quality assurance program which includes all aspects of its operations from the casting drawing to its alloys, to the process description and in-process and final inspection.

PIAD builds-in quality right from the start.  Every new part is brainstormed in a Technical Staff Meeting.  The function of a component is explained; casting and machining drawings are examined; mold design; gating and risering are finalized; processing routes are established and Inspection & Testing Plans are finalized.

  • Each new part goes through a prototyping cycle, the process is debugged and a process sheet is written.

  • Chemical composition, hardness and electrical conductivity are routinely checked during production.

  • Final inspection of critical to function properties takes place before shipping.

  • Certifications are provided when requested by the customer.


PIAD is committed to being a world-class provider of cast functional components which meet or exceed our customer's expectations for quality. Accordingly, PIAD will follow a quality system that has been thoughtfully designed, documented, and implemented to conform with the world-class standard of ISO-9002, with measurable goals and objectives that can be independently verified.

For more information on PIAD's chill casting quality assurance policy call 1-800-441-9858.

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