What is new at PIAD Precision Casting Corporation

  1. In 2009, PIAD entered the annual casting competition sponsored by the American Foundrymen's Society (AFS).

    Our entry, a pump housing for the dental industry cast in Aluminum Bronze (A020) was voted "Best in Class" by the AFS judges (Click here for more information about the award - PDF Format).

    Since participating in this contest, PIAD has earned four "Best in Class" awards and one Honorable mention award (Click for more information about our awards).

  2. PIAD has added to its services by expanding the chill casting process to include aluminum alloys. We have successfully cast functional components in 356 T6 alloy and in T 713 (Tenzaloy).

Aluminum Alloy Castings

We intend to expand the development of aluminum chill castings
by adding more additional aluminum alloys.

For more information about PIAD's alloy selection call 1-800-441-9858.

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