PIAD Alloy Selection

The PIAD chill cast process was originally designed for casting pure copper and copper based alloys. This process has since been expanded to include aluminum alloys.

Due to the science of the process, PIAD has developed specific alloys with a much higher purity level than those of commercial alloys. PIAD possesses the metallurgical know how to modify its alloys to meet customer needs. The mechanical and physical properties of PIAD's alloys can be seen by viewing our Alloy Selection Guide.

Copper and copper based alloys exhibit many valuable properties needed in industrial applications such as:

  • Superior electrical conductivity

  • Superior thermal conductivity

  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Good wear properties

  • Non magnetic properties

  • Non sparking properties

  • Weldable in combination with steel

The excellent electrical conductivity combined with a 125 RMS surface finish allows the use of PIAD’s chill castings in many electrical applications. Contact surfaces can be used as cast without machining.

For more information about PIAD's alloy selection call 1-800-441-9858.

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