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Permanent Mold using the Chill Cast ProcessPermanent Mold Casting - Chill Castings

PIAD Precision Casting Corporation started its United States operations in October 1967.  The corporation started as a joint venture between the inventor of the chill mold process, Piel & Adey, and an American manufacturing company.

Current operations include a 54,000 square foot permanent mold foundry in Greensburg, PA and a 28,000 square foot machine shop in Latrobe, PA. PIAD defines its business as the manufacturing of “functional components” produced using the chill mold casting process.

PIAD’s  ability to produce near net shape castings made of pure copper, copper based and aluminum alloys often eliminates costly secondary operations and provides cost saving opportunities for its customers.

PIAD is your single source supplier for near net shape functional components, providing the following services:

  • Assist customer design engineers to optimize casting design
  • Mold design using 3D Unigraphics CAD-CAM software
  • Mold construction using state of the art CNC machines
  • Modern machining facility using CNC machining centers
  • Alliances with plating and powder coating companies

For more information on PIAD's chill mold process call 1-800-441-9858.

Permanent Mold Casting Permanent Mold Casting
PIAD utilizes an advanced permanent
casting process know as the
Chill Cast Process.
Permanent Mold Casting
Chill Casting Chill Cast Process
PIAD invented the chill cast process for permanent mold castings requiring copper base alloys.
Chill Cast Process
Copper Base Casting Alloys PIAD Alloy Selection
Learn about the PIAD alloys and examples of their applications
Copper Base Alloys
Castings Conversion Casting Conversions
PIAD specializes in converting multi-piece assemblies to a one piece casting using the Chill Cast Process.Castings Conversion
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