Copper-Zinc Alloys
Brass Alloys

Copper Zinc Belt ClipContrary to the widely held notion that brass alloys (Copper-Zinc Alloys) can only be used for decorative parts which require little strength but look pretty PIAD's brass and special brass alloys have strength properties well suited for structural applications. Alloyed with aluminum, iron, manganese and nickel, yield and tensile strength can reach 42 KSI and 86 KSI respectively.

The castability of brass alloys, especially PIAD's alloy MO10 is excellent, which allows the casting of complex geometric configurations. PIAD's brass alloys are lead free and well suited for potable water applications.

Today you can find PIAD chill castings made from brass and special brass alloys in many different industries, such as marine hardware industry, lock hardware industry, packaging machinery industry, transportation industry, material handling industry and many more.

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