Copper-Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Bronze Alloys

Copper Aluminum HousingChill Mold Cast Parts Made from Copper Aluminum Alloys are Wear-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant and resist embrittlement

Copper Aluminum alloys better known in the industry as aluminum bronze alloys are the choice alloys for designers when replacing steel weld fabrications with a one piece PIAD chill casting.

Copper Aluminum alloys with iron, nickel and manganese additions have mechanical properties which are exceeding the mechanical properties of carbon steel and medium alloyed steel. Besides these excellent mechanical properties, PIAD chill cast aluminum bronzes exhibit many additional physical properties which provide excellent choices for design engineers. These alloys can be used in many different industrial environments.

Listed below are the major properties of aluminum bronzes to be considered by design engineers.

  • Copper Aluminum Alloy ValveExcellent mechanical properties
  • No embrittlement in cryogenic applications (-328 F)
  • Alloys can be welded to each other
  • Alloys can be welded to steel
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in aqueous solutions especially in sea water
  • Excellent wear properties in combination with steel
  • High compression strength
  • Binary aluminum bronzes are non magnetic

Applications of PIAD chill cast aluminum bronzes can be found in many different iAluminmum Bronzes Partndustries.

  • Pump industry
  • Valve industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Material handling industry
  • Marine industry
  • Mining industry
  • Packaging machinery industry

The copper aluminum alloys (aluminum bronzes) combined with PIAD's chill cast technology allow the design engineer to come up with creative solutions providing the best economical results.

Welding aluminum bronzes - Increase value added.

The ability to weld aluminum bronze alloys with each other and in combination with steel creates very interesting and economically favorable design opportunities for the design engineer. PIAD chill mold castings featuring all the process benefits can be welded to larger steel structures providing good economical solutions. The preferred welding process to use is the TIG process which offers excellent weld joints without oxidation.

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