Cast-In Foreign Components

The application range of PIAD chill cast copper alloys can be expanded by casting in "foreign components" which are inserted into the precision machined molds. This allows design engineers to use special materials in areas on the casting where the base alloy properties are not sufficient. In many applications the fixturing and machining cost can be significantly reduced by using "foreign components.

There are two main reasons to use cast-in foreign components.

1. If a special material or alloy is required on a particular section of the casting.

2. To provide an economical advantage when finishing the casting
(lower machining, lower fixturing cost).

Composite Castings - More value added

To increase the economical value of PIAD chill castings to the design engineer, "foreign components" can be cast-in. The foreign component needs to be of metallic nature with a melting point which exceeds the melting point of the PIAD alloy.

Parameters of Cast-In Technology

The decision to use "foreign components" as part of a casting design is primarily determined by economic factors, it can be considered as a value added enhancement. Bolts, threaded pins, threaded inserts, cooling tubes, heating elements and bushings can all be used as foreign components as a part of a PIAD chill casting.

In case pins, bolts, or bushings are cast-in, attention must be paid that sufficient casting material surrounds the insert to assure a complete coverage of the insert and  provide a sufficient strong bond.

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