Copper-Nickel-Silicon Alloys

Copper Nickel Silicon Alloy CastingWhen an application demands high strength and high hardness and simultaneously requires a material with good thermal and electrical conductivity PIAD's copper nickel-silicon alloys C030 and C031 come into play.

These copper-nickel alloys contain small amounts of Nickel and Silicon in specific ratios to form Ni2Si which allows these materials to be heat treatable similar to Chromium Copper.

Copper-nickel-silicon alloys have a propensity for hot tearing and should only be used if the geometry of the parts is not complex.

Below are the typical properties of copper-nickel-silicon alloy - C031 after heat treating.

Conductivity 27-34% IACAS minimum

Yield Strength 75-79 KSI minimum

Tensile Strength 78-83 KSI minimum

Elongation 3-4% minimum

Hardness 190-204 HB minimum

For more information on PIAD's copper-nickel-silicon alloys call 1-800-441-9858.

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