Copper-Chrome Alloys

PIAD's copper-chrome alloy C021 is being used when conductivity and strength are required in a design application. The alloy contains between 0.6% to 1.2% chromium.

The material undergoes a solution heat treating process which provides a very unique combination of conductivity and strength. After the heat treating process the electrical conductivity reaches up to 75% of pure copper, and the yield strength increases to 10 times the yield strength of pure copper.

The properties of Copper-Chrome Alloys
C021 after heat treating are:

Conductivity 75% IACAS minimum

Yield Strength 39 KSI minimum

Tensile Strength 54 KSI minimum

Elongation 20% lACS minimum

Hardness 110 HB minimum

Copper-chrome alloys find applications in the industry when conductivity, strength, hardness and resistance to wear are required. Contacts; contact carriers; ball connectors and electrode holders are typical applications.

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