Process Parameters for Chill Cast

The PIAD chill cast process allows the production of near net shape components for many applications. Below is a list of important process and design parameters for chill castings.

1. Design Parameters

Standard tolerances

+/- 0.010 per linear inch

Standard tolerances

+/- 0.002 for each additional inch

Premium tolerances

+/- 0.005 per linear inch

Minimum wall thickness


Surface finish

125 RMS or better

Outside casting surfaces

No taper required

Enclosed casting features

1 degree taper per inch

Repeatability from casting to casting


Cast-in foreign components

Screws; pins; bolts; bushings

2. Commercial Parameters

Casting weight

From 1 oz. to 50 lbs.

Linear dimensions

Up to 25 inches

Volume requirements per year

350 to 80,000 pieces

Low tooling cost

One time tooling charge

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